Sick of Movies? Get Plugged In!

I don’t know about you but I am so disappointed with the movies they have for kids these days or even adults.  I know I sound like an 80 year old complaining but it’s true.

I took Ashlyn to see her first movie (in a theater) last summer.  She was so excited!  We were going to see Happy Feet.  I thought, “Oh, it will be a cute little movie about penguins.”  I had no idea that the whole premise of the movie was about penguins mating.  Now, I am partly to blame because first of all I thought this movie was G but found out later it was PG.   Ashlyn spent half the time in my lap because the vicious seal and killer whale that freaked her out. 

I was talking to a friend of mine telling her about my frustrations and see told me to check out this Plugged In Online, a website that reviews movies.  It’s amazing! It tells you all you would want to know about the movie and so much more.  I won’t be taking my kids to a movie without checking this site out anymore.

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