Eating Ladybugs

Here is a fun healthy snack idea I got out of Ashlyn’s Highlights Magazines.  Here is how, you too, can make your own edible ladybug.   

  • Cut a red apple in half.
  • Have your child use a knife or spoon to put small amounts of peanut butter on the top of the apple. 
  • Place raisins, chocolate chips, M&M’s, etc. on the dabs of peanut butter.
  • Then use a toothpick to attach a grape to the front of the apple for the ladybug’s head.
  • The magazine then says to use black licorice for the legs but I thought pretzel sticks could be fun too. (I didn’t have either when we made ours so we had a legless ladybug.

It was so easy to make and Ashlyn loved eating it.  This would be a great activity for playdates or your child’s preschool class.



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