Toilet Paper Fun

Yesterday was a long day.  Both my girls are still coughing, yes I know, it’s been like 2 weeks.  So when I need to kill some time I go to the art supply closet. 

I let them each pick a color paint and then I gave them a toilet paper roll.  Ashlyn’s job was to make sure all the little pieces of toilet paper were off.  I had them dip it into the paint and make circles.  I also found some extra plastic Easter eggs that they painted with too.   Emily loved it and went right to work.  Her circles slowly became ovals because she was squeezing the roll a little too hard.  It looked neat though. 

Ashyln had to sit there and think about what she was going to do.  She decided to experiment which I was so excited about.  Normally Ashyln has to do things the right way and it has to be perfect.  She started with the toilet paper roll and then put the smaller egg circles in the middle.  She then put paint on the side of the egg and made “jellybean” shaped paint blobs.  They both had fun and their creations turned out great!

Emily painting

Ashlyn painting

both painting

This is a perfect picture of why it was such a long day!  I asked her to say cheese.

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