Fancy Girls

Before I had kids I always told people that if I had a girl, I would never dress them in pink.  Then I had Ashlyn.  She was bald until the age of two so I HAD to dress her in pink to let everyone know she was a girl.  Now, pretty much all my girls own is pink and I love it. 

Last night we went to Grandpa and Mimi’s house to continue celebrating Emily’s birthday.  We swam and had a cookout.  After dinner Mimi had a special surprise for both the girls.  Have you ever heard of the books Fancy Nancy?  If not, they are about a little girl who loves to act and dress fancy.    In the first book of the series Nancy convinces her family, who isn’t fancy at all, to let her make them fancy by accessorizing them.  Mimi did just that with the girls.  She read the book and then let them each open big boxes of accessories.  She bought them tiaras, boas, necklaces, earrings, purses, and wands.  They dressed up like Fancy Nancy.  It was so cute and they had a blast! 

So much for no pink!  Here are some pictures of my fancy girls.

mimi’s house

mimi’s house

Emily and Ashlyn fancy

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