Top Ten Things I’ve Learned While at Young Life Camp

1.  My husband lied to me when he promised I would lose weight by walking up and down the hills.  How can I when they serve dessert after every meal?!?!

2.  My kids’ bedtime would change from 8:00 to 10:00 at night(and that’s early around here).

3.  No matter how much bug spray I put on Emily, she will be covered with bites each night while Ashlyn won’t have any.

4.  Meeting new people is easy when you live with them for 3 weeks.

5.  Don’t wear heels while carrying a diaper bag, a coke, holding your daughter’s hand and walking down stairs.  You will fall!!!

6.  Camp makes Ashlyn come out of her shell and try new brave things.  She now jumps off the diving board (without Chris in the pool) and slides down giant slides into lakes screaming go faster Daddy. We are still working on the climbing wall.

7.  Golf carts are so much fun to drive and ride on.

8.  How amazing high school kids are with my girls.  Ashlyn and Emily will run across camp to give them a hug.  It has been so much fun to watch them play together and interact with one another.

9.  Emily can entertain a group of 30 high schoolers by singing her ABC’s and counting in Spanish on a microphone. 

10.  Being on an assigned team could be the best 3 weeks of our family’s life.

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