Trip to WalMart

Emily and I dropped Ashlyn off at school this morning and had many errands to run.  Our first stop was WalMart where I had to pick up some pictures, a Secret Santa gift for a co worker and fill my car up with gas.  We got to the photo department and there were two people in front of us.  The two employees were trying to find one man’s pictures and he was starting to get impatient. He had paid for one hour and they were now telling him his order wasn’t ready yet.  The second man in line was having a hard time with his order as well.  The two employees didn’t seem too concerned about keeping people waiting. Luckily, Emily was entertaining herself and was in a good mood. 

When it was finally my turn I gave the lady my last name.  She looked in a few places and then told me she needed the confirmation number in order to find my order.  I was a little frustrated since they had never asked me for that number in the past.  Plus, how would a number help them find my order if it wasn’t under my last name.  I didn’t have the number so I called Chris to look up the e-mail with the number on it.  He was having trouble finding it too so I told him to just call me back when he found it.  By now, I’m upset because this was supposed to be a quick trip to WalMart and I had a million other errands to run.  I never said anything to the lady about being mad but I’m sure she could tell by the tone in my voice.

Chris called me back when he found the e-mail.  “Did you find it?”  I asked.  “Oh, I found it!”  he answered.

I hurried out of the store and drove to Sam’s where they were able to quickly find my pictures since that was where I placed my order.

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