Christmas Gift Poppers

Here is a cute idea for stocking stuffers, gifts for your kids’ friends, or Christmas table decorations.  They are also fun birthday party party gifts.  When I taught 1st grade, I made these for my students and they loved them.

Make sure you have enough toilet paper rolls.  Then all you will need is tissue paper or Christmas paper, ribbon, and some fun goodies to fill it.  Fill the rolls with candy, stickers, money, hair bows, and other small trinkets.  Then wrap the paper around the rolls and use the ribbon to tie each end shut.  This is a fun family project that your kids can help with.

2 Responses to “Christmas Gift Poppers”

  1. Round Mirror ·

    well, there would be a need for more Christmas gifts next month “

    November 8th, 2010 at 12:07 pm
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