Not Me Monday!

We are Georgia Bulldog fans (living in Florida) but we DO NOT make fun of any Gators we see.  When we pass a car with a Gator tag or wheel cover we DO NOT all hold our noses and yell “ewwwwww, that’s disgusting”.  Our daughters have caught on quite well to us NOT doing this type of behavior whenever we see something orange & blue.  Thursday night I was sitting among other parents in the lobby of our Little Gym for my 5-year old’s gymnastics class and a gentleman walked in.  He was wearing a Florida Gator sweatshirt.   I’m pretty sure I DID NOT see and hear my 2-year old point straight at this man (within 10 feet) and blurt out to everyone, “Hey!  That would make Daddy throw up!” 

I used to be addicted to solitare.  Then it was free cell.  I got over those a year or so ago when Facebook entered my life.  I’m pretty sure that’s where my addition will stop, because the last 2 nights I have NOT gotten onto the laptop after my husband goes to bed.  And I have definitely NOT logged into my daughter’s Webkinz account to play endless games of Smoothy Moves.

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