Mouse Shapes Activity

This is an older post but my daughter loved doing it, so I thought I would share it with you all.

I love the book Mouse Paints so when I saw Mouse Shapes I knew I had to get it.  Emily loves working with shapes so I decided to do an activity with her from the book. It took a little longer to cut all the shapes the night before but I was watching The Bachelor (yes, I admit it) so I was fine.

I read the book to her and we talked about all the shapes on the pages.  Next I asked her to put the shapes I had cut out into groups.  Kids love to sort things at this age.  We started with the first page and made a house using a square and a triangle.  Next she made a tree using a triangle and a short rectangle.  She continued making the pictures by using the shapes that matched the pictures in the book.

Emily with book

She loved this book!


Concentrating on making her fish.

These are some of the things she made using her shapes.


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