Aloha Friday

Aloha it’s Friday. 

alohafriday.jpgOn Tuesday we were going to some friends’ house for dinner and to celebrate the husband’s dinner.  During the day, my thoughtful 5-year old decided to make him a birthday card.  She made it out of a piece of folded paper, put it in an evelope, and put a pretend stamp on it.  Then she came to show it to me.  When I opened it, a 10 dollar bill fell out of the card.  She had received cards from relatives with money in them before and wanted to give our friend a similar gift.

I did not let her give him the money and tried to explain to her the value of $10 which went right over her head.  My husband said we should have just let her give it, because it gives her a good perspective on money not being everything.  He didn’t want to discourage her from giving.  He actually said we should have let her give the money but ask our friend to give it back to us.  That seems tacky to me.

So, that’s my question.

If your child wants to give a gift to someone that you wouldn’t personally give, would you let them?

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