Saturday Showcase- trains

I just finished up a transportation unit with my preschoolers and my girls saw one of the projects I did with my class that they wanted to do.  So we decided to make a train.  It’s a fun craft that has many great skills built into it. 

  1. I gave them a white piece of paper and we talked about vertical and horizontal lines.  I gave them a brown marker and had them make train tracks.  I was surprised at how well my 2 year old could do these.
  2. I gave them each 5 different colored squares to be the train cars.  On my 2 year olds,  I wrote the numbers 1-5 and mixed them up.   She had to glue them on the tracks in the correct order.  My 5 year old didn’t want to do this so she just glued them in whatever order she wanted.
  3. Then I let them choose what color wheels they wanted from some old garage sale dot stickers.  I had them put 2 wheels on each train car. 
  4. I happened to have two different pictures of train engines left over and had them cut them out and glue them on the front of the train. 

They turned out cute! 

Emily with train

She’s making her train tracks.

Ashlyn with train

Emily’s train

Emily’s finished train.  She refused to be in the picture.

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