Saturday Showcase- Insects and Spiders

This week we’ve been talking about insects and spiders.  The first project was free art.  I had left over flower patterns from my class and then I made some leaves and stems and let my girls go to work.  I also gave them green paper to fringe to make the grass.  Then I gave them bug stickers and had them put them on their pictures where they thought the bugs would go (ex. butterflies and bees next to the flowers, grasshoppers near the grass).  After that, we talked about why the bugs would be near those places. 

For lunch that day I gave them a flower pattern to put over their cups.  I gave them both straws and let them pretend to be butterflies sucking nectar from a flower. 

Emily’s spring picture
This is my 2 year olds picture.  She loves to line everything up.  She told me that the bugs were flying in a line and playing follow the leader.

Spring pictures
My 5-year old’s picture.

Emily drinking

The next day we made hand-print spiders.  I had Ashlyn make the #4 with her fingers and I trace them on both sides to make 8 spider legs.  I cut them out and had her pick out googly eyes to glue on.   We found some black felt and cut out a circle for the web.  Ashlyn made a design on it with glue and then sprinkled silver glitter on it.  With my preschool class I had them marble paint a black circle with white glue to make their webs.  Both turned out cute.

spider web

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