Not Me Monday

I did NOT wake up late on Wednesday.  Then I did NOT call my husband at work and complain that he forgot to reset the alarm after he woke up.  And, during that same conversation, I did NOT tell him how mad I was about the bird outside our window that wouldn’t stop chirping.  Then that night, in order to test the clock, he did NOT play the sound of our alarm that sounds pretty much like a bird.

And then Yesterday, I did NOT climb up into our attic (for the first time in 10 years) looking for some childrens books that I cannot find anywhere.  I also did NOT spend 20 minutes sitting up there with a flashlight reading my old high school diary.  Then, when I decided to get down, I did NOT realize that I couldn’t do it myself because the ladder was too far down for me to reach.  This story does NOT end with me having my husband get on our old rickety 6-foot ladder and climbing up far enough so I could sit on his shoulders while he climbed down.

Normally I would link to My Charming Kids, Not Me Monday, but this morning please be praying for her son, Stellan.

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