Works For Me Wednesday- Discovery Tables

I have always used Discovery Tables in my class but this week I decided to do them at home too.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, Discovery Tables are tables that you put different things in such as water, soil, bird seed, sand, etc. and other items for kids to explore with.  Here’s an example; today in class we were talking about eggs, so I put sand in my table and put Easter eggs in the sand.  Then I put different animals that hatch from eggs inside the eggs. 

The other day while I was kind of cleaning out the garage I found a huge back of bird seed.  I decided to put it in a big tupperware container and put a funnel, shovel, mini rake, and a couple of cups with it.  I put it out in the backyard and when my 2 year old woke up from her nap I let her play with it.  She poured, scooped, measured, and dumped bird seed for an hour straight.  She loved it!  When she was finally finished I just swept it all in the grass and now we have had birds in our backyard all week. 

Emily with bird seed

Today I put together another one, except this time I used water.  I filled two big popcorn bowls full and then put cups, a funnel, and a mixing spoon in one.  In the other bowl I put a little fishing game we have where you try to catch little fish with a pole.  (great for hand eye coordination)  Both my girls loved this activity as well.  I was able to sweep and pick weeds while they played together.  When they got bored with the cups I gave them different objects to put in the water to see if they would float or sink.  Once again they played outside for an hour. 

Emily playing with water

Emily fishing

Ashlyn and Emily playing with water

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