Saturday Showcase- Footprint Chicks/Ducks

My girls love any project where I paint their feet.  So I decided to make little chicks using their footprints.  I saw this somewhere on someones blog but of course I can’t remember. Let me know if it was yours. 

First, I painted their feet yellow. 


They gathered some dirt (it would have looked much better with nice white sand but we dont’ have that.)  Then they put glue on the bottom and sprinkled the dirt on it.  Both my girls wanted to use dirt to make it look like the chick was walking around in the mud. 


We added a googly eye and a little beak.  Then Ashlyn wanted to paint a sky for him.  She also wanted to do it again except this time she wanted to make it a duck floating on a pond.  She kept adding to the story so by the time it was finished it was a duck floating in a lake on a rainy cloudy day. 


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