Emily’s Ladybug Party- Part 2

I wanted to show and share some of the crafts we did at the Ladybug party in case your little one wants one some day.   

I bought some cute bug boxes from Oriental Trading Company for $1.00 each and had the kids decorate them.  They had ladybugs or bumble bees to choose from.  We were supposed to go on a bug hunt to find adorable plastic bugs that I found at Wal Mart, but that didn’t happen due to the “hurricane” going on outside.  Instead I just let the kids pick 4 bugs to take home in their bug jars. 


Then they made ladybugs out of black paper plates.  These were cute and super easy, thanks Ame!  We cut a red circle in half and then stapled them to the black plate.  I had the kids decorate the wings using dot markers and then had them draw a face for their ladybug on a smaller red circle.  They got to choose from either black or red pipecleaners for it’s antennae. 


After all the crafts we played pin the spot on the ladybug.  This was Emily’s favorite.  We drew a big ladybug on red poster board and then left some of the spots uncolored.  Whoever got their black spot clsoer to the ladybug’s spot won.  I found big bug bubble wands at Target for the prizes. I didn’t have a blindfold so my friend Ame came to the rescue again.  She made two small ladybug out of paper and taped them to her sunglasses, the kids loved this! 


Last but not least…we ate ladybug cupcakes.  I’m not a baker so I was pretty excited with how they turned out.  The kids loved them!



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