Fun Cheap Crafts

I took the girls to Michaels the other to pick up a few things. I hit the jackpot.  They have tons of craft kits for $1.00!  I bought a few for those days when I hear “Mommy, I want to make something.” or “Mommy, there’s nothing to do!”  I’m going to go back and get more for birthday gifts too.  Here are a few that I got. 

  • Mosaic Butterfly Kit- Emily picked this one out.  It includes 975 foam square stickers with a butterfly template to follow.  We only used about half of them so now I am trying to figure out a fun project to do with the others.  This was great to work on her fine motor skills and following directions.  Plus it was fun!
  • Foam Notebook Kit- It includes 10 sheets of paper, foam and lots of fun things to decorate the notebook. Perfect for Ashlyn to decorate and write in. 
  • Fun Fusion Beads.  It comes with 225 beads and a pegboard.  You follow a pattern and then use an iron to melt the beads together.  Ashlyn was so proud of her bee creation!

I can’t wait to go back and shop some more!  




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