Pizza Day!

Today, at school, we finished up our community helpers unit by having a pizza day.  The kids had a blast.  My camera battery died so I only have a few pictures.

I read them the cutest book called Hi! Pizza Man.  Then we sorted different pizza toppings.


After that, we played a game.  The children had to throw pepperoni’s (red poker chips) into a triangle shaped box.  The kids pretended to work in a pizza shop and take orders and make pizzas.  They loved it!

They also made their own personal pan pizza.  I had to practically beg the owner to give me 10 boxes for my class.  Mr. “Don’t Tell My Boss I Gave You These” wasn’t too happy with me…but I got them. The kids created pizzas with crust, tomato sauce, shredded cheese, pepperoni, and green peppers.   They turned out so cute!




Then we ended the day with real pizza for lunch.  Such a great pizza day!

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