Every month in our 3’s class we do an artist of the month.  We teach the kids a little bit about the artist and then try to copy one of their works of art.  In April we put on an art show for the parents to come and see all that their kids have created.  This month we are doing Claude Monet’s (my favorite) Sunflowers.  I wanted to try it at home first with my 6 year old to see how it would look.

 Monet - Sunflowers

We took a white piece of paper and had her use a sponge brush to paint it.  Then she used a roller to paint a red half circle on the bottom.  I cut a sponge into a rectangle to make the vase and a circle for the middle of the flowers.  Then she used the other side of the rectangle sponge to paint the petals.  We only had room for two flowers because the red half circle was too big.  I now know to encourage my kids to make it smaller.



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