Parts of the Flower

My 3’s and 4’s loved doing this project and did a great job.  It teaches the parts of the plant or flower and it was a great following directions activity.  Here is what we did:

1.  We read a few books about flowers and plants.  My favorite was called Grow Flower Grow.  It’s about a little girl who tries to get her flower to grow by feeding it food such as pizza and spaghetti.  She gets frustrated because it won’t grow so she throws it outside.  It finally starts to grow.  This lead to a great discussion about what they actually need to grow and how they get their food.

2. Then I gave them brown yarn, a straw, a small cupcake liner, and two leaves. They colored soil at the bottom of their paper and then glued the yarn down as roots.  Then they had to glue the straw, leaves, and the liner down.   As they were working we talked about why the plant needed each of those things.



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