Beginning Math Skills

Today while Emily and I were playing memory (Hello Kitty Flip ‘n’ Match), I noticed that the board it came with would be perfect for some beginning math skills.  I went and got some marbles and a die to roll.  I had her roll the dice and then add that many marbles.  We took turns rolling the die and adding more until the board was filled up.  The whole time I threw in some math terms and asked her questions.

  • How many do we have altogether?
  • What do you have to roll to fill up the row?
  • How many more do you need to fill the board up?
  • You rolled a 5 first and now a 3.  What is 5 plus 3 more?

These kinds of questions are ones that kids encounter in word problems.  When I taught first grade many kids had a hard time figuring out how to answer those problems.  So whenever I can I ask my girls so they will understand what they mean as they get older.



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