Green Wilma

Emily has had to stay home from school the past two days.  She was sad to miss because she knew they were talking about frogs and turtles so I decided to do the same craft that she missed (I teach another 3’s class).

We started by hunting frogs (or toads) in our backyard.  We found two small ones that she and her sister created habitats for. They named them Weenie and Butterfoot.  Then we read the book Green Wilma by Tedd Arnold.  It is such a fun, silly book that is great for rhyming.  I told Emily we should make our own Green Wilma although after I said that I realized I was out of green paint.  So it became a color mixing project too.

  • Emily mixed the colors blue and yellow.  She was so excited to watch them turn to green.


  • Then she painted the back of a paper plate green.


  •  She glued big white eyes and then drew the pupils, nose and mouth with black marker.


  •  Finally, she curled a red piece of paper around a pen to make the tongue.


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