Seeds and Flowers

Spring is almost here!!  We started early with our unit on seeds and flowers. I figured it was fine since we live in Florida and it feels like Spring most days.  We started off our unit reading The Tiny Seed and doing the good ole’ lima bean experiment.  The girls chose a lima bean and let it soak in water over night.  They had to predict what would happen to the bean, as well as measure it and describe what it looked like dry.  the next day, they measured it again and described how it looked and felt.  Then they split it open and labeled the parts of it.

That night we took the girls to pick out flower pots and seeds.  They decorated their pots and the next morning planted their seeds.  I’m horrible with plants so I’m really hoping these actually grow.  :) They watched The Magic School Bus gets planted.

We went over the parts of flowers and I taught them about photosynthesis.  They really got it!  Ashlyn said, “oh, so the leaves are the kitchen of the flower.”  So cute!  I gave them lots of different materials and let them create a diagram of a flower.  They had to label the parts.

Their favorite activity was when we dissected some flowers.  We went into more detail and talked about the other parts of the flower like the stamens, pistils, sepals, etc.  I gave them magnifying glasses and a microscope.  They loved pulling each part out and knowing what it was.  I found this great website to help too.

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