We have spent the last 2 weeks studying oceans and the animals that live in oceans.  It was a great way to wrap up our school year!  The first week we talked about tides, waves, currents, and did lots of science experiments.  We watched Magic School Bus- Dive into the Ocean video.  My girls love these videos.  We watched an egg begin to float as we added salt to the water, and then made our own waves by blowing into straws.  The girls also got to create currents in the bathtub and watch as a rubber duck got caught in the current.

Our second week we focused on the creatures that live in the water.  I checked out tons of nonfiction books about different ocean animals and they got to choose one they didn’t know much about to do a report on.  Ashlyn chose an octopus and Emily chose a Manta Ray.  We ALL learned so much!  We watched a few videos on Youtube about each animal.  Both were amazing!  The girls worked together on an ocean mural.  They added animals to it each day.  Then we ended our unit with a field trip to Sea World!  What a fun way to end our school year!!!

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