Skeletal System

Last week we reviewed our skeletal system from last year.  This year I focused on why we have bones, what bones are made of, and what happens inside our bones.

We started off by talking about why we have bones.  We reviewed the names of the bones by singing this awesome song.  I still catch myself singing it throughout the day.  :)

Then we dissected chicken bones to see what was inside them.  The girls loved this!  They found bone marrow and learned about red and white blood cells.  They got to observe some marrow underneath a microscope.


Then we put a chicken bone into some water and vinegar.  We waited and waited and waited…for days to finally see what would happen to it.  The bone turned soft because the vinegar takes away the calcium.  Once the calcium is dissolved, there is nothing to keep the bone hard – all that is left is the soft bone tissue.

We made these fun name skeletons too.  Fold a piece of paper in half and write the name in cursive on the fold.  Cut it out and you have a wonderful skeleton.  Add a head, arms, and legs and mount it on black construction paper.

Here are some fun skeleton activities I did last year with the girls.

Negative Space Painting

I try to introduce my girls to lots of different ways to paint.  We have used different types of tools to paint such as feathers, straws, as well as our bodies.  It keeps it fresh and their creativity gets challenged.

A few weeks ago I introduced them to negative space using dot stickers.  We talked briefly about  what that meant – in kid terms, an empty area on the paper and then created lots of different designs with them.  I had them put the stickers however they wanted on the paper and then paint over them.  Once it was dry, they removed the stickers and voila…beautiful art!

The Key to a Successful Home-School Day

So here is my secret to having a successful, productive home-school day…. keeping my 2 year old happy and BUSY!! Here are some things she’s been doing the past couple of weeks.

So simple but she loves it.

I cut out squares and glued the first one on of each color.  Then I gave her a glue stick to glue the other ones beside the matching color.

This is filled with rice and cherries from the game Hi Ho Cherry O.  I hid them in the rice and she had to find them.

“lacing” Apple Jacks using a skewer and play-doh.

Then she wanted to make 2 “towers”.

She loves her easel!

Getting a little fresh air!