The Key to a Successful Home-School Day

So here is my secret to having a successful, productive home-school day…. keeping my 2 year old happy and BUSY!! Here are some things she’s been doing the past couple of weeks.

So simple but she loves it.

I cut out squares and glued the first one on of each color.  Then I gave her a glue stick to glue the other ones beside the matching color.

This is filled with rice and cherries from the game Hi Ho Cherry O.  I hid them in the rice and she had to find them.

“lacing” Apple Jacks using a skewer and play-doh.

Then she wanted to make 2 “towers”.

She loves her easel!

Getting a little fresh air!

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  1. Karen

    That is awesome! You are creative and teaching all the time.

    October 3rd, 2012 at 10:01 pm

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