Monthly Archives: November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nativity Set

Leave it to my friend over at I Blame My Mother to make this amazing Nativity Set.  My girls love to play with our wooden set (which isn’t near as cute as these)  each year and I don’t have to worry about them breaking anything. I think kids should be able to play with Nativity [...]

How Did I Teach Without the Web???

I seriously don’t know how I ever taught without great websites and Pinterest!  Here is a great list of educational websites that I use with my girls.  Feel free to add any that aren’t on the list. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Spelling Fun

My girls love Spelling.  Not because of the worksheets but because of the activities they get to do each week.  Spelling is an area that has so many fun ideas to help kids get excited about practicing their words.  Today my daughter choose using wiki sticks to spell her words.  Here are a few more [...]