Calling All Reindeer!

My girls had so much fun last year doing the elf applications, I knew I had to do it again this year. We read Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and then made a list of all the qualities it would take to be a great reindeer. I loved how the girls thought about their strengths and included them into their writing. The movie happened to be on that night which worked out perfectly.

The next day they completed their applications and turned their pictures into reindeer. They keep asking me to respond to their applications and let them know if they got the job. So fun! After watching the movie with us my youngest wanted a red nose so we glued a red pom pom on hers. So fun!

Here are some of the answers my girls wrote.

What are some talents and skills you have that would help you be a good employee?

  • I can read signs quickly when flying.
  • When we are running late, I can show Santa shortcuts.
  • I have a good memory so if Santa forgets what children are good or bad I can tell him.
  • I am very good at directions.

Why Would you Make a Good Reindeer?

  • I am very helpful.
  • I have been to many places in town so I know a lot of people.  :)
  • I’m very smart and a very good leader.
  • I can go really, really fast so I should be at the front of everybody.  :)

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