Erosion Experiment

This wasn’t a unit I was super excited about but I did it anyway.  :)  I started off by having the girls watch this great video that explained the difference between weathering and erosion.  Then we talked about the various kinds of erosion and how both affect the surface of the Earth over time.

My hubby planned a great experiment in our backyard to show the girls how wind and water affect the surface differently.  I feel like I need to explain the enclosure they are standing in.  :)  We built this for our pet turtle who was living in a big container in our garage for over 8 months.  The day after this amazing habitat was built, our turtle died.  Now it has become a place to do Science experiments.

He is explaining what he’s going to do and asking them to predict what will happen.

They started blowing as hard as they could using straws to simulate wind.  They were amazed that even a small amount of wind could move the sand around and change how it looked.

Then he brought in the big guns!!  I wish I had a picture of their faces when he brought it out.

Next he demonstrated how rain affects soil.  They watched as the water made a tunnel and then “cliffs” and a canyon.

This is the result of the water erosion.  One of the girls shouted out, “Wow!  It’s like the Grand Canyon. ”  I love when simple experiments bring so much excitement and learning!


Sorting Colors

We started our week off with purple.  I love how easy it is to incorporate fine motor skills, building skills, as well as sorting skills with colors.

She did some spooning, scooping, and counting in her purple discovery table.

I drew some x’s and had her put stickers on them.  Peeling the stickers off the paper is a great way to work those little hand muscles.

She glued tissue paper squares to make her grapes turn purple.

She worked on coloring different parts of a picture different colors.  I was impressed!

After these purple activities I decided to do some sorting with several colors.

She clearly loved sorting her pegs into bowls.

Working hard to build different colored towers with her blocks.

She was so proud of herself!

Moving on to Green!

We have been doing lots of fun color activities the last couple of weeks.  We started with red, then blue, and this week we worked on green.  My 2 year old is turning into an activities junkie.  She wakes up in the morning asking to do them as well as after her nap.  I guess I need to plan twice as much as I have been with her.  I’m not complaining though.  :)  Here are some of our green activities!

I had tons of stickers left over from Christmas and had her use these green trees.  Peeling the back paper off is a great way to strengthen those little hand muscles!

I gave her a bag of green Applejacks and a pipe cleaner.  She was so proud of the necklace she made all by herself.

We read this adorable book about frogs.  She kept asking why the frogs had bottoms.  :)

I had her sponge paint a frog green.

I gave her a bowl full of green bears and found these little bear flashcards that I printed out.  I had her practice her one to one correspondence by placing a bear on each picture.

I guess I will be planning more green activities tonight for tomorrow!


This week we did a fun unit on different landforms all over the world.  I found this great video that I had the girls watch as an introduction on Monday. The video will keep stopping unless you register for a membership or a free 3 week membership.  I opted for free!  :) I printed out some beautiful flashcards with real pictures and laminated them(that I can’t for the life of me find again to link).  Throughout the week we talked about the different ones and used the flashcards in different matching and memory games.

I also found this cute pirate game online where you had to read the directions in order to move your ship and find the treasure.  They had to know the different landforms in order to follow the directions.

As their assessment, I had them create their own island.  They had to think of a shape and name it.  I printed out patterns of what they wanted it to look like for them to trace it.  Then they had to draw at least 5 different landforms on their island and name them according to the shape.  They turned out so cute and they loved it!

The next day I gave them play-doh, paint, construction paper, and some felt and told them to create a model of some of the landforms they learned about.  Here’s what they came up with.


Feeling Blue?

This week my 2 year old did lots of fun activities with the color blue.  Here are a few of her favorites.

She loved her blue discovery box.  She hunted for blue buttons, and used tongs to pick up all the pom poms.

Painting is always a favorite with her.

This one is blurry but she is lacing.  She was proud of herself.

Putting blue pegs into a pegboard.  This is another great activity for those fine motor skills.

She loves drawing on the white board.  “This is a roller-coaster Mommy!”

Can’t believe it’s January and she’s in a bathing suit!  I put lots of blue water bottle lids and some other blue toys.

I printed a bunch of these (can’t remember where) and had her try to put a blue dot in each circle.  She loved this!