Red Activities

This past week I began doing color themed activities with my youngest.  She is great with her colors but I thought this would be a fun way to incorporate other skills into her learning.  We started with red this week.  I didn’t get pictures of everything we did but here are a few.

I made her a red discovery box.  I found lots of fun things to put in it from around the house.  She loved the different sized apples and using her red magnifying glass.

I gave her a small bowl of Fruit Loops and a paper plate with red construction paper in the middle.  She had to find all the red ones and put them on her plate.  She loved eating the others!  :)  There are so many fun things you can do with Fruit Loops.  Here’s a couple other ideas.

The next day I gave her some red tissue paper, a glue stick, and an apple pattern.  She had to tear small pieces of the tissue paper and glue them onto her apple.  This is a great way to strengthen those little hand muscles to get them ready for holding a pencil and cutting.

Next week, we are on to blue!



6 thoughts on “Red Activities

  1. Aunque soy mama primeriza y novata en estos sectores de los niños, os felicito por la labor que haceis.( viendo fotos), se os ve muy profesionales. Muy chula y original la wea!a!!!!!!Enhorbbuen!.!!!!.!!!!

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