Feeling Blue?

This week my 2 year old did lots of fun activities with the color blue.  Here are a few of her favorites.

She loved her blue discovery box.  She hunted for blue buttons, and used tongs to pick up all the pom poms.

Painting is always a favorite with her.

This one is blurry but she is lacing.  She was proud of herself.

Putting blue pegs into a pegboard.  This is another great activity for those fine motor skills.

She loves drawing on the white board.  “This is a roller-coaster Mommy!”

Can’t believe it’s January and she’s in a bathing suit!  I put lots of blue water bottle lids and some other blue toys.

I printed a bunch of these (can’t remember where) and had her try to put a blue dot in each circle.  She loved this!

4 thoughts on “Feeling Blue?

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