Moving on to Green!

We have been doing lots of fun color activities the last couple of weeks.  We started with red, then blue, and this week we worked on green.  My 2 year old is turning into an activities junkie.  She wakes up in the morning asking to do them as well as after her nap.  I guess I need to plan twice as much as I have been with her.  I’m not complaining though.  :)  Here are some of our green activities!

I had tons of stickers left over from Christmas and had her use these green trees.  Peeling the back paper off is a great way to strengthen those little hand muscles!

I gave her a bag of green Applejacks and a pipe cleaner.  She was so proud of the necklace she made all by herself.

We read this adorable book about frogs.  She kept asking why the frogs had bottoms.  :)

I had her sponge paint a frog green.

I gave her a bowl full of green bears and found these little bear flashcards that I printed out.  I had her practice her one to one correspondence by placing a bear on each picture.

I guess I will be planning more green activities tonight for tomorrow!

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