Erosion Experiment

This wasn’t a unit I was super excited about but I did it anyway.  :)  I started off by having the girls watch this great video that explained the difference between weathering and erosion.  Then we talked about the various kinds of erosion and how both affect the surface of the Earth over time.

My hubby planned a great experiment in our backyard to show the girls how wind and water affect the surface differently.  I feel like I need to explain the enclosure they are standing in.  :)  We built this for our pet turtle who was living in a big container in our garage for over 8 months.  The day after this amazing habitat was built, our turtle died.  Now it has become a place to do Science experiments.

He is explaining what he’s going to do and asking them to predict what will happen.

They started blowing as hard as they could using straws to simulate wind.  They were amazed that even a small amount of wind could move the sand around and change how it looked.

Then he brought in the big guns!!  I wish I had a picture of their faces when he brought it out.

Next he demonstrated how rain affects soil.  They watched as the water made a tunnel and then “cliffs” and a canyon.

This is the result of the water erosion.  One of the girls shouted out, “Wow!  It’s like the Grand Canyon. ”  I love when simple experiments bring so much excitement and learning!


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