Practicing Exponents

My oldest is in 3rd grade and I’m starting to get worried about how long I will be able to home school her.  This week we learned about exponents.  She can rap all the lyrics to any Toby Mac song but is having a hard time remembering that 3 squared means 3 times 3 not 3 times 2.  :)  Anyway, I found this great activity for her to practice this week.

To make these, take a strip of paper and choose a base and power to work with.  Fold the strip of paper like an accordion so that it is divided into equal sections.  On the first fold, write the base and the power.   On the inside folds, write the power in expanded  form /product of factors.  On the last flap, write the answer.

Squares and lots of Sorting

Molly had a great week and continues to love her activities.  We started off doing squares and then moved into more sorting,  I also threw in a couple of things she had done before but loved.  It’s such a great skill for kids to practice for not only math but also reading when they get older. Here is her week in pictures.

We go to story time each week and this is one of her favorite things they do.  So I decided to make one for home.  I hide a mouse under a different house and she has to guess which house it’s under.  It’s great for practicing colors and counting.

She gets so excited when she finds him!

I use old greeting cards and cut them up into puzzles.  This is a favorite!

I gave her a bunch of square post it notes and let her go.  She decorated most of the door, dining room, floor…

Tape Shapes!  You can do this on the floor or on a table.  This held her attention for quite awhile.

So proud of herself!  :)

Here’s a win win activity.  She practices sorting and helps me out.  She loves it!

She made an adorable turtle using tissue paper squares.

I had more square activities planned that we will leave for next week!  Fridays are Mommy and Molly play days!

Gift Idea

My hubby and I try to give each other gifts that are meaningful and allow us to spend time together.  He has surprised me with concert tickets, sporting event tickets and day trips to fun places through the years.  We are simple folk that enjoy the little things in life.  :)  For Valentine’s Day the girls and I made him the sweetest gift that would be perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion.

We got a Mason Jar and decorated it with fabric and a heart that said 20 Dates.  Then we each painted 5 popsicle sticks a specific color.  I painted my 5 blue, my oldest painted her 5 yellow, and so on.  So we had 20 popsicle sticks.  I asked the girls to think of 5 different things they would like to do with their Daddy.  I wrote one idea on each of their sticks.   Some of them were go get ice cream, go fishing, practice kicking the soccer ball, play a board game, play baseball wii, go to the library.  Most of what they thought of is stuff we do all the time with them but they love it.  I love that the little things like going to the library together mean so much to them.

Now he has 20 different dates he gets to do with his girls!

She Stole My Heart

We did lots of heart activities just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I also mixed in red, pink, and white as well.  Here’s some of the fun she had.

She is really into painting these days.

She loved decorating the windows using hearts.

I gave her 10 cups and she loved making towers and pyramids with them.  Lots of learning going on here.

We continued making shape collages.  She is becoming an expert with a glue stick.

Her Valentine Discovery Box was a big hit.

For the past 2 years my girls have woken up on Valentine’s morning with hearts all over their doors.  We write things we love about them on each heart.  Thank you Pinterest for the new tradition!

Check out more fun shape and color activities here , here here and here.

Teaching Triangles

I decided to start shapes since Molly knows her colors and I was running out of  creative ideas to do with her.  She knows most of her shapes too but at least it’s something different.  We started with triangles.  Here is what our last week activities looked like.

I cut out a bunch of different sized triangles from scrap book paper and had her glue them on to a piece of paper to make a collage.  I love the way she overlapped some of them.

I made a triangle outline and had her put beans on the glue to make a triangle.

She did a little triangle painting.

We own an overhead projector still and the girls love it.  I have lots of colored shapes so Molly was making pictures using triangles.

I hid different shapes in some sand and had her sort the triangles from the other shapes.  She loved searching through the sand to find them.

Finally I had her use a triangle puzzle piece to trace it.  I wasn’t sure how she would do with this but she did a great job.