Monthly Archives: February 2013

Practicing Exponents

My oldest is in 3rd grade and I’m starting to get worried about how long I will be able to home school her.  This week we learned about exponents.  She can rap all the lyrics to any Toby Mac song but is having a hard time remembering that 3 squared means 3 times 3 not [...]

Squares and lots of Sorting

Molly had a great week and continues to love her activities.  We started off doing squares and then moved into more sorting,  I also threw in a couple of things she had done before but loved.  It’s such a great skill for kids to practice for not only math but also reading when they get [...]

Gift Idea

My hubby and I try to give each other gifts that are meaningful and allow us to spend time together.  He has surprised me with concert tickets, sporting event tickets and day trips to fun places through the years.  We are simple folk that enjoy the little things in life.    For Valentine’s Day the [...]

She Stole My Heart

We did lots of heart activities just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I also mixed in red, pink, and white as well.  Here’s some of the fun she had. She is really into painting these days. She loved decorating the windows using hearts. I gave her 10 cups and she loved making towers and pyramids [...]

Teaching Triangles

I decided to start shapes since Molly knows her colors and I was running out of  creative ideas to do with her.  She knows most of her shapes too but at least it’s something different.  We started with triangles.  Here is what our last week activities looked like. I cut out a bunch of different [...]