I was so excited to do this unit with my girls!!  I LOVE owls!  I got some great books from the library and we jumped right in.

After reading Owls by Gail Gibbons we did our Can, Have Are chart.  This is such an easy way to organize lots of information.  I wrote it on chart paper and then my girls wrote their own as well.  In the past I’ve had them write a paragraph using their notes but didn’t this time.

I found a few amazing owl videos online that show their silent flight and how they catch their prey.  Then we listened to Owl Babies online and recreated a scene from the book.  The girls loved this craft project!


I mixed glitter and glue to make the stars and while that was drying I had them rip some brown paper to look like a branch.  Then they used white paint and a big pom pom to paint the 3 little owls.  I love the way they turned out!


We made these delicious cupcakes using oreo cookies and M&M’s.

One evening after listening to different owl calls and sounds (I never knew they made so many different sounds) we headed out to go owling.  We hear owls all the time at night so we were hopeful we would spot one but not this time.  We did see about 10 bats though which the girls thought was cool.  This is definitely something we are going to try again though.

If you look closely you will see a mole’s skull.

Our last activity was by far their favorite.  They got to dissect owl pellets.  This was so cool!!  Owls swallow their prey whole but aren’t able to digest the bones so they cough them up into these pellets.  The girls found so many bones!!  We were able to identify most of them and tell which animals they came from.  If you’re interested in doing this just google owl pellets and you will have plenty of sites to choose from.

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