Teaching Triangles

I decided to start shapes since Molly knows her colors and I was running out of  creative ideas to do with her.  She knows most of her shapes too but at least it’s something different.  We started with triangles.  Here is what our last week activities looked like.

I cut out a bunch of different sized triangles from scrap book paper and had her glue them on to a piece of paper to make a collage.  I love the way she overlapped some of them.

I made a triangle outline and had her put beans on the glue to make a triangle.

She did a little triangle painting.

We own an overhead projector still and the girls love it.  I have lots of colored shapes so Molly was making pictures using triangles.

I hid different shapes in some sand and had her sort the triangles from the other shapes.  She loved searching through the sand to find them.

Finally I had her use a triangle puzzle piece to trace it.  I wasn’t sure how she would do with this but she did a great job.


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