Gift Idea

My hubby and I try to give each other gifts that are meaningful and allow us to spend time together.  He has surprised me with concert tickets, sporting event tickets and day trips to fun places through the years.  We are simple folk that enjoy the little things in life.  :)  For Valentine’s Day the girls and I made him the sweetest gift that would be perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion.

We got a Mason Jar and decorated it with fabric and a heart that said 20 Dates.  Then we each painted 5 popsicle sticks a specific color.  I painted my 5 blue, my oldest painted her 5 yellow, and so on.  So we had 20 popsicle sticks.  I asked the girls to think of 5 different things they would like to do with their Daddy.  I wrote one idea on each of their sticks.   Some of them were go get ice cream, go fishing, practice kicking the soccer ball, play a board game, play baseball wii, go to the library.  Most of what they thought of is stuff we do all the time with them but they love it.  I love that the little things like going to the library together mean so much to them.

Now he has 20 different dates he gets to do with his girls!

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