Squares and lots of Sorting

Molly had a great week and continues to love her activities.  We started off doing squares and then moved into more sorting,  I also threw in a couple of things she had done before but loved.  It’s such a great skill for kids to practice for not only math but also reading when they get older. Here is her week in pictures.

We go to story time each week and this is one of her favorite things they do.  So I decided to make one for home.  I hide a mouse under a different house and she has to guess which house it’s under.  It’s great for practicing colors and counting.

She gets so excited when she finds him!

I use old greeting cards and cut them up into puzzles.  This is a favorite!

I gave her a bunch of square post it notes and let her go.  She decorated most of the door, dining room, floor…

Tape Shapes!  You can do this on the floor or on a table.  This held her attention for quite awhile.

So proud of herself!  :)

Here’s a win win activity.  She practices sorting and helps me out.  She loves it!

She made an adorable turtle using tissue paper squares.

I had more square activities planned that we will leave for next week!  Fridays are Mommy and Molly play days!

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