My little one goes to preschool 2 mornings a week and absolutely loves it.  I take what she does in class and extend it the following week at home.  A few weeks ago she talked about apples at school.  They did taste tests of different apples, read fun books, and pretending to bake apple pies.  Here are a few of the activities I planned for her.

She loves her Button Art and I highly recommend it.  You use “buttons” to match colors in order to make different pictures.  Here is a picture (sorry it’s cut off) of her apple tree.

Each week I try to include a discovery table.  This is always a favorite!  I put popcorn kernels, plastic apples, small containers, scoops, and tweezers.  I also used some cherries from the High Ho Cherrio game as apples.

We did some activities with the letter A as well.  I gave her a few dot markers to fill in the apples on the letter A.

I made an apple poem with some number cards.  I made an apple tree with apples to act out the poem.  She loved switching the numbers to match how many apples she wanted on her tree.

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