An Almost Sleepover

For my 8 year old’s birthday party she wanted a sleepover. I’m not a huge fan of sleepovers so we compromised on an “almost sleepover party”.  The girls showed up in their pj”s and favorite doll or stuffed animal.  We had games, pizza, crafts, dancing, and lots of fun!  And the best part… everyone left at 9:00 so my girls still got a great night sleep and weren’t grumpy the next day!!

As soon as the girls arrived we headed out back to do sleeping bag relays.  I divided them up into teams and gave each team a sleeping bag.  This repay was a huge hit!  They wanted to play it over and over again.


We headed inside to cool off and have pizza.  Then the girls made their own Sundaes.  This is such a fun, easy alternative to a cake.  I bought lots of fun toppings and they had a blast making their own.

After the girls ate and were full of sugar we played Musical Nail Polish!  This was a favorite!  I set out 10 different colors of nail polish on the table, one in front of each girl.  When the music started, the girls danced around the table.  When the music stopped, they froze and had to paint one finger nail with whatever color they were in front of.  By the end of the game, they had 10 different colored nails.  Here is a picture of them showing off their beautiful manicures!

Our last activity was so fun!  We made fleece sleeping bags for the girls’ dolls or stuffed animals.  I saw this idea here. My daughter and I chose three sets of coordinating fabrics, one for the front and a different one for the back.  The front piece should measure 20 in x 18 in.  The back piece should measure 28 in x 18 in.  I laid the two pieces of fabric on top of each other.  I cut out a piece of cardboard 3.5 in x 3.5 in to use as a guide.  I cut out the bottom two corners of both pieces of fabric.

Then, we cut fringe across the bottom and up both sides.  The cuts were 1 inch apart, and 3.5 inches long, making them the same length as the cuts in the corners.  At the party, the girls tied the front and back pieces together.  Make sure that the pieces are lined up correctly or they will have to start over.  The great thing about this project is that if they mess up it’s very easy to start again.  These are the perfect size to fit American Girl Dolls or most stuffed animals.  They turned out so cute!

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