Fall Learning!

We have been so busy these last few weeks but I managed to plan a few Fall themed learning activities.   Here are a few my youngest has enjoyed.

She loves a good discovery box so I usually do a new one every two weeks.  Last week my 8 year old planned one for her.  She kept the popcorn and apples in but  hid small trinkets that began with the letter H (her letter of the week) as well as a few non H toys.  My little one had to search for the ones that began with an H and take them out.

We did a little pumpkin painting, because let’s be honest, it’s so much easier than pumpkin carving.  With the leftover paints I had her create a Fall colored tree.  I printed out a tree pattern and then cut a toilet paper roll in half length wise.  I taped it and formed it to look like a leaf shape.  Then she used that to stamp her tree.  She used a small paintbrush to fill in the leaves to complete her tree.

One of her favorite activities last week was a color word matching game.  She is dying to learn how to read and to be honest I’ve been kind of lazy about teaching her.  She is so close and wants to learn to be like her older sisters.  So I thought she would like this one and I was right!  I cut out pumpkins in different colors.  Then I cut the bottoms of them to make them into a puzzle.  On white paper I wrote the color words and cut the tops of the words to match the correct pumpkin puzzle.  She loved reading the words and matching them!

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