Ancient Egypt

We have had so much fun studying Ancient Egypt the last two weeks.  We did an Egyptian unit at the end of last year but my girls wanted to learn more so we decided to do another mini unit this year. there is so much you can do with this unit.  Here are a few of the activities we did that were a hit with the girls.

I found this awesome website where we could travel to many of the famous landmarks without leaving our couch.  The girls loved seeing inside many pyramids and walking around the Sphinx. I had them write notes as they explored.

The next few days we talked a lot about the Ancient Egyptian culture.  We learned about their dress, gods, customs, and what they did for entertainment.  We made beautiful necklaces out of paper plates.  I was pretty impressed with how well they turned out.

Last year we learned a lot about  pyramids, mummies, and their beliefs about the after life.  We even mummified a few Barbie dolls.  :)  This year, we made our own sarcophagus and Pharaohs.

While the girls were busy decorating these, I introduced them to the good ole’ song  “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles.  They thought the video was hilarious and kept asking why they were all wearing huge wigs.  Gosh, I miss the 80″s!

We are still in the process of making our own papyrus.  It’s a long process and am very glad I can just go to the store when I want more paper.  Ours should be finished at the end of this week.  The girls can’t wait to see how they turn out.

For writing, I had the girls write a letter to a friend in hieroglyphics.  They included a key and asked their friends to write them back.  They loved this because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like getting mail.  Especially if it’s in code.

Our last day of our unit we pretended to be archaeologists going on a dig in Egypt.  I found about 15 items in our house that I thought were interesting and hid them in our sand box.  I gave each one a basket, journal, and a few ‘tools” to use on the dig.  They have to find at least 5 items each, draw a detailed picture of it, describe it, and guess what they thought it was used for.  They loved this!!

I’m kind of sad to be done with Ancient Egypt.  Next up… Ancient China!

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