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Yummy Corn of Copias

We made these easy, yummy treats this afternoon and they turned out great!  There’s still time to make some before the big meal tomorrow.  In fact, these would be perfect for the kids to work on tomorrow while you are cleaning and cooking. *dip the tip of your sugar cone in water for about 20 [...]


My little one goes to preschool 2 mornings a week and absolutely loves it.  I take what she does in class and extend it the following week at home.  A few weeks ago she talked about apples at school.  They did taste tests of different apples, read fun books, and pretending to bake apple pies.  [...]

Minute to Win it- Summer Kick off

My girls and I decided to kick off the summer Minute to Win it style.  It was so much fun!!  They invited 10 of their friends and I planned 7 different games.  Everyone didn’t know each other so we started the party off by playing 2 games where they had to work together as a [...]

Geography & Math- Freebie

I have been playing this game with Ashlyn and she is loving it!  I’m a huge believer that learning can and should be fun!  The directions can be changed for lower grades too.  Just have the student add the two numbers instead of multiplying them.  Have fun!! Bookmark It Hide Sites

Zoo Scavenger Hunt- Freebie

Today was supposed to be our first day back from Spring Break but I decided last night that we’d start off our week with a surprise field trip to the zoo.  I created a Scavenger Hunt for the girls to fill out as we went.  They loved it!  They are walking around with clipboards looking [...]