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My little one goes to preschool 2 mornings a week and absolutely loves it.  I take what she does in class and extend it the following week at home.  A few weeks ago she talked about apples at school.  They did taste tests of different apples, read fun books, and pretending to bake apple pies.  [...]

Geography & Math- Freebie

I have been playing this game with Ashlyn and she is loving it!  I’m a huge believer that learning can and should be fun!  The directions can be changed for lower grades too.  Just have the student add the two numbers instead of multiplying them.  Have fun!! Bookmark It Hide Sites

Zoo Scavenger Hunt- Freebie

Today was supposed to be our first day back from Spring Break but I decided last night that we’d start off our week with a surprise field trip to the zoo.  I created a Scavenger Hunt for the girls to fill out as we went.  They loved it!  They are walking around with clipboards looking [...]

Practicing Exponents

My oldest is in 3rd grade and I’m starting to get worried about how long I will be able to home school her.  This week we learned about exponents.  She can rap all the lyrics to any Toby Mac song but is having a hard time remembering that 3 squared means 3 times 3 not [...]

Squares and lots of Sorting

Molly had a great week and continues to love her activities.  We started off doing squares and then moved into more sorting,  I also threw in a couple of things she had done before but loved.  It’s such a great skill for kids to practice for not only math but also reading when they get [...]