Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!


I’m going to go  ahead and ask you to ignore the fact that it has been almost a year since my last post.  Life kind of got crazy last year and blogging was the last thing on my mind.    But, I’m back and determined to resurrect my little blog by posting more often.

My youngest is now in Pre-K and goes to school 4 days a week.  I plan activities for her to do on Mondays, the day she is home, while I home-school my other two girls.  I try to follow along with what she has been doing in school or what she will be doing the following week.  Here are a few things she did last week after reading Chicka Chicka abc at school.

I found a picture of a coconut tree and used different colored garage sale stickers.   I wrote a lower case letter on each blank circle on the coconut tree and then one on each sticker.  She had to match each letter by placing the sticker on the correct letter.  She loved her colorful tree when she was finished.

Her next activity she spent a lot of time doing.  It was a beach themed discovery box filled with sand, magnetic letters, and a plastic coconut cup.  I gave her a magnetic wand to help her find the buried letters in the sand.  I also gave her the book, Chicka Chicka abc in order to “act out” the story.

Yummy Corn of Copias


We made these easy, yummy treats this afternoon and they turned out great!  There’s still time to make some before the big meal tomorrow.  In fact, these would be perfect for the kids to work on tomorrow while you are cleaning and cooking.

*dip the tip of your sugar cone in water for about 20 seconds.

*put it in the microwave for another 15 to 20 seconds.

*use a pencil to curl the tip.

*fill the cone with M & M’s and then cover with saran wrap.  I used a rubber band to hold it to the cone.

*use some ribbon to cover the rubber bands and dress it up a bit.

That’s it!  These would be cute as place settings, center pieces, or just as a sweet dessert.



In school last week Molly talked about scarecrows.  They made their own class scarecrow, read some sweet books, and made an adorable scarecrow of their own.  She used fabric, straw, buttons, markers, and paint.  I continued the scarecrow theme at home.  Here are a few things we worked on.

I kept the kernels in her Discovery table from the apple theme but added some black beads (crows) for her to scare away with her shovel or tweezers.

I gave her alphabet stickers to match the upper case letters with.  She loved this and actually decided to make a pattern with the letters too.  She put the A on top of the typed A and then the B beside the typed B and so on.  I love when she takes an activity I plan and extend it.

I made this pattern block scarecrow and put it on a cookie sheet.  Then I gave her magnetic pattern blocks to make the scarecrow with.

I wrote this fun poem and wrote in some of her friends’ names and family names.  She had a great time switching them out and “reading” who the scarecrow scared each time.  This was a great activity to work on beginning letter sounds.



My little one goes to preschool 2 mornings a week and absolutely loves it.  I take what she does in class and extend it the following week at home.  A few weeks ago she talked about apples at school.  They did taste tests of different apples, read fun books, and pretending to bake apple pies.  Here are a few of the activities I planned for her.

She loves her Button Art and I highly recommend it.  You use “buttons” to match colors in order to make different pictures.  Here is a picture (sorry it’s cut off) of her apple tree.

Each week I try to include a discovery table.  This is always a favorite!  I put popcorn kernels, plastic apples, small containers, scoops, and tweezers.  I also used some cherries from the High Ho Cherrio game as apples.

We did some activities with the letter A as well.  I gave her a few dot markers to fill in the apples on the letter A.

I made an apple poem with some number cards.  I made an apple tree with apples to act out the poem.  She loved switching the numbers to match how many apples she wanted on her tree.

Minute to Win it- Summer Kick off


My girls and I decided to kick off the summer Minute to Win it style.  It was so much fun!!  They invited 10 of their friends and I planned 7 different games.  Everyone didn’t know each other so we started the party off by playing 2 games where they had to work together as a group.

Hula Hoop Pass-  Everyone joined hands in a big circle and had to step through the hula hoop and get it around the circle without letting go of each other hands.  We did this a few different times and I timed them to see if they could go faster.

Over Under Relay- I divided them up into 2 groups of 5.  I gave each group a big balloon (beach balls would be fun too) and had them line themselves up.  The first person had to pass the balloon over their head to the person behind them and that person had to pass it under their legs to the next and so on.  Since I only had 5 people in each group I had them pass the balloon back up to the starting person.

Before the girls got there, I put every one’s name into a bucket and had the girls pick a partner.  They had to come up with a team name and decorate a small size poster.  These were hung on the Score board wall and used to keep score.  The winning team got 2 points and the second place team got 1 point. For all the Minute to Win it games we had 5 groups of 2.

Kleenex Throw- This one is so fun to watch.  With one hand, the girls had to empty a tissue box one Kleenex at a time.  Which ever team empties it first, wins.

Shake It- Once they emptied 5 boxes of Kleenex we put string through the boxes and had the girls hold them around their waists.  I put 6 ping pong balls in each and played some music.  They had to dance as wildly as possible and try to get all the balls out of their box first.  This was definitely a favorite!

Cheetos Toss- I gave one girl from each team a shower cap and put shaving cream all over it.  I gave her partner a bucket of Cheetos.  She had to throw the Cheetos and try to get as many of them to stick on the shower cap in a minute.   I also made them wear goggles just for fun!

Chocolate Unicorn-  One girl got on her knees and held her head back.  Her partner had to stack as many Oreos on her forehead as possible in a minute. If they fell, they had to start over.

Toe Fishing-  This one sounded fun but bombed!  I put a bunch of Swedish fish into a cooler of water.  The teams worked together to fish as many out with their feet in a minute.  The first team did great but as time went on the fish got slimier and slimier making it harder to fish out.  If I do it again I will use marbles.

This was such a fun party and there are tons more ideas online for summer ideas.

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