Letter Flash Cards

Make it into a game.

Have your child say the letter and/or the sound it makes.  If they get it right, they get to keep the card.  If they get it wrong, you keep it.  When they are done, count how many they got right & keep track (Hey.  We’re doing math, too).


More Flash Card Games

  1. Even infants can identify things by pointing.  Put 2 or 3 letters on the ground in front of your child.  Point to each and say the name of the letter.  Then, ask your baby to point to the C.  If they get it right, clap for them.  If they get it wrong, say the letter and help them point to the right one.  Over time,  

  2. Have your child quiz you on the flash cards.  Get a few wrong on purpose and see if they catch it.

  3. Put flash cards around the room/house and time them to see how fast they can find 3 or 4 of them.  You can either give them the name of the letter or just say the sound.

  4. Spread the cards out on the floor.  Give your child the A.  Then, tell them to bring you the next letters in order.

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