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Word Families

The other day for room time, I had Emily sort some words into different word families.  We worked on ig, at, an, and it words.  She sorted them all and then got her pointer out and practiced reading them all.  It was so cute! Learning word families are so important for beginning readers.   BECOME [...]


I actually won this game at a white elephant/raffle Christmas party but have never actually played it.  At least not the way they probably intended it to be played.  I have been using it for so many other fun activities with my girls. With Ashlyn, who is 6, I have been giving her spelling tests [...]

Emily’s Reading!

Both my girls have always loved books.  Since they were about 2 months old we have gone to the library weekly and read at least 4 books a day.  Ashlyn started reading pretty young and hasn’t stopped.  I wasn’t sure Emily was going to have the same desire to read but about a month ago [...]

Camping Day

We are going camping for the first time with the girls (and as a couple) in a week and the kids are so excited.  I thought I would have a camping day indoors first .  So today while they were resting I planned a whole day of fun activities for Friday.  I took these pictures [...]

Jelly Fish

We live in Florida and go to the beach all the time.  It is one of our favorite weekend activities.  My girls love anything that has to do with the ocean or the beach so we like to make a lot of ocean animals.  We made jellyfish the other day. They watercolored the back of [...]