Money Cards

If you guys don’t know about this website it is amazing.  It’s packed with so many great ideas and printables.  I am working on money with Ashlyn and happened to find these awesome money cards in their activity section.  They have different themed cards so I chose the candy ones because she LOVES candy.  It shows a picture of candy and tells how much it is.  Then at the bottom it has circles the same size as the actual coins.  I printed them out and laminated them (yes, I have my own laminator, thanks Brittani).  She loves pretending to buy the different kinds of candy and putting the money on the circles. 


Pom Pom Patterning

I was running low on some of my crafts so I decided to hit up Michael’s the other day.  I bought this huge bag of pom poms because there are so many things you can do with them. 

For my 5 year olds room time activity this morning I decided to have her do some patterning with the pom poms.  I created a sheet of small & large sized circles on Microsoft Word. 

I had her create patterns with the pom poms by placing different colored ones in the circles.  Then, she had to color the circles the same color of the pom pom’s she had there.

When she came out of room time, I had her show me her sheet so I could see the patterns she’d come up with.

Bonus:  My 2-year old saw the paper Ashlyn had created and asked about it.  I decided it would be the perfect activity for her to find the pom poms that matched the colors in the circles and put the pom poms on top of them.



 Get the already made copy at my Math page.

Kid Friendly Friday- Easter Egg Rhyming

Rhyming is such an important part in teaching your child to read.  It helps them see spelling patterns within the words and allows them to sound words out.  Here is a fun activity just in time for Easter.  I did this with Ashlyn last year.

Easter Eggs

Use plastic Easter eggs and write one rhyming word on the outside of the egg.  Write rhyming words on slips of paper and put them in a small basket.  Repeat this with as many eggs as you want to use.  I started with three and then continued to add more.  I cut the bottom off of an old egg carton and turned it upside down.  Then I placed the eggs on top. Have your child pick one word at a time from the basket and put them in the correct egg.  I made four rhyming words per egg.  

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Kid Friendly Friday

This morning before we headed out to eat lunch with Chris, my girls were looking for something to do.  I remembered I saw this painting idea on a website (don’t remember which one) where you paint using a golf ball and a shoe box.  They had so much fun doing this and it was so easy and clean.

They each got to pick a color to use and I put a piece of paper at the bottom of a shoe box.  Then I gave them each a golf ball and dabbed some paint on the paper.  Then I had them paint the golf ball with a little paint.  We closed the box and they took turns shaking it.  That’s it!  They loved how their pictures turned out.   You can also do this with marbles but I couldn’t find any around my house.   


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Showcase Saturday

This is my first Showcase Saturday post and I love the idea.  This is something that my daughter made for me for Mother’s Day last year and then I did it for the grandmas.  I know it’s not really a craft but I thought it was a great present just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I used pink paper and white paint for her hand prints.  Then I typed up four sentences and had my daughter fill in the blanks.  Here are some that I used.

  1. My Nana is prettiest when ______________________.
  2. I love when my Nana  _________________________ .
  3. My Nana always says _________________________.
  4. I love my Nana because ________________________.
  5. My Nana loves to ____________________________.