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Works For Me Wednesday!

Here’s another contribution to the Rocks In My Dryer, Works for Me Wednesday blog carnival.  This is something that’s given my husband & I a way to encourage our 5-year old daughter and give her some extra reading practice.  A few years ago my husband and I read the book Five Love Languages in order to find out what [...]

Ashlyn’s Princess Party

I can’t believe it but my little girl turns 5 tomorrow.  We had her party this past weekend and I am still recovering from it.  The theme was a Princess Party which is funny because I swore (before I had girls) that I would never let my girls wear all pink.  My how that has [...]

A Weekend Together

This past weekend our family packed up our things and headed to Southwind, a Young Life camp near Ocala, Florida.  My husband was the Head Leader for about 300 highschool kids.  He had to work but the girls and I had the whole weekend to relax and play.  He ended up having a lot more [...]

Turkey Activities

My girls loved making this turkey today.  All you need is brown construction paper, a coffee filter, and some washable markers.  Cut out a turkey shape from brown construction paper.  I traced one that I found online. Have your child color a coffee filter with washable markers.  It really doesn’t matter how they color it [...]

Everyday Trash

What do you get when you put 2 toilet paper rolls, a piece of cardboard, and some cotton balls together?  Here is what my girls came up with.  Ashlyn found a toilet paper roll and asked me for some purple paper so she could turn it into a telescope.  Emily heard her and of course wanted to [...]