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Fancy Girls

Before I had kids I always told people that if I had a girl, I would never dress them in pink.  Then I had Ashlyn.  She was bald until the age of two so I HAD to dress her in pink to let everyone know she was a girl.  Now, pretty much all my girls own is pink [...]

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today was my youngest daughter’s birthday.  She turned two!  People say it all the time but it is unbelievable how fast time goes.   Every year my husband makes a video of the girls and puts it to music.  This year we started a new Storms’ birthday tradition.   We all sat down and watched the video of Emily’s first [...]

Birthday Present Idea

Here’s another amazing idea from my friend Sarah.   Instead of spending money on more toys for her girls’ friends on their birthdays she decided to get creative. She ordered several different crafts from Oriental Trading Company and packaged them together in a Ziploc bag.  They are really cheap and usually come in quantities of 12.  [...]